This month has been the launch of our new Maxi 3 and 4 herringbone trailers, so what has changed? 

With many new features, here’s the main changes to the new look Maxi 3 and Maxi 4 Horse Trailers.

The most noticeable change has to be the facelift to the a front, with a new sleek, aerodynamic nose cone without compromising on the tack room space.


The new style plastic mudguards which feature on the Maxi 3 & 4’s, not only come lower to prevent mud flicks up the side of your trailer, but they have also enabled more space inside, with less intrusion in the horse’s leg area.

Restyled Padding

The padding has had a revamp and is now a super stylish cushion for the horse closest to the front ramp.

Ramp and Door Stays

When opening the full height tack room door, and also utilising the back ramp in the Barn Door mode, safety stays have been implemented to holt the doors firmly in place.


The Lighting in the horse area is now independent to the tack area and can be accessed by switching the power on via the switch located on the back wall in the horse area. 

Want to see one for yourself? Find your nearest distributor at to see the fantastic quality and versatility the Maxi trailers offer. 

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