Earlier on this year, the young YouTube star Harlow Luna White (Harlow and Family), was weighing up with her mum Chelsea their options on how to transport all 3 of their ponies to competitions. Previously, they were taking 2 ponies in their 2 horsebox and asking Harlow’s granddad to bring the trailer with the third pony. Not only did this mean 2 vehicles worth of fuel, but it also limited them to when Harlow’s granddad was available to help.

They chose the Maxi 3 as the best solution, as this meant that Chelsea did not have to do a dreaded HGV test, and they could fit all of the ponies in what Harlow described a “gorgeous and practical trailer”.

Top 5Maxi TrailerFeatures

Upon receiving her new horse trailer, Harlow listed a number of key features the Maxi herringbone trailers boast.

Here are Harlow and Popcorn’s Top 5 Features;

  1. The lifting side windows – Harlow exclaimed that they are “obsessed” with this amazing feature! Harlow and Chelsea couldn’t wait to put Popcorn in the trailer as he is so nosey and they knew he would enjoy standing in the trailer at shows and looking out.
  2. Walk in Tack Room – “It’s huge, with 3 saddle racks, which have wings so the saddles don’t fall off, and there’s a mirror with pockets to keep your hairnets and things in”. Harlow also noted “There’s loads of space for changing or storing bedding and hay when going away. There’s also bridle hooks to organise everything”.
  3. Ramps – They open easily with a handy hook fasten and aren’t too steep, making them really inviting. There’s a ramp at the front and back so you don’t have to take 2 ponies out to get the one at the front out.
  4. Tie Bar – Harlow really liked that the tie bar has stoppers so you can tie 2 together and the lead rope can’t slide along from side to side.
  5. Padded Foam Wall – The front horse has a padded foam wall to lean against for a bit of support.

You can view the vlog featuring Harlow and Popcorn in their new Maxi 3 horse trailer here

Want to see them for yourself? Find your local distributor here and contact them to arrange a viewing.

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