Make your Horse Trailer completely unique by customising it.

A number of our customers decide to get their trailer personalised for many reasons, such as colour coding to matching their tow vehicle, advertising on the go, or even making the trailer more unique and therefore less likely to be stolen.

For equestrian businesses, it offers a cost-effective advertising method to promote the business and gains further exposure for sponsors. A method that cannot be simply turned off and is constantly working on the road, at competitions or wherever people are present. 

For personal use, it is an opportunity to customise the trailer to each individuals tastes, perhaps a preferred colour scheme or a graphic of their chosen equine discipline. The unique characteristics of a personalised trailer also provides a strong deterrent to thieves, as the trailer is not a standard model which could quickly be sold on.

Whatever the reasons, the choice of design options is huge and can make a great difference to the appearance of your horses transport!

Personalised Horse Trailer

Horse Trailers without the compromises

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